Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BYU Education Week

BYU 'Education Week' will be held this year at the Provo, Utah campus of Brigham Young University - from August 19-23rd.

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear speakers from all walks of life who discuss principles from faith and good works to cooking and dancing, parenting, strengthening families, wholesome music, love, life, overcoming challenges etc.

It's a week filled with light and truth and a place to connect with other souls who are also seeking life-long learning.

In our family it's become a tradition and our only real summer 'vacation'.  Our family budget is tight - but, this is something my youth look forward to and gleen great blessings from.

I invite any in the Utah area - to consider attending - especially if you never have.  You may be richly blessed and strengthened for the coming year!

And...if you haven't ever heard our own Vickey Pahnke Taylor - you might want to get into one of her classes.  She is a beloved sister, a spiritual strength, a great example of having overcome MUCH, and full of love, joyful hope and laughter.  I attended all her classes last year and was well-fed and greatly blessed!

Get more information about BYU Education Week.