Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Without Arms

By Sarah Baker

These are a few words from the Book of Mormon that have been drifting through my mind the last few weeks. You will probably remember that the Lamanites wanted to attack Limhi’s people, but after talking with the king of the Lamanites the record says the Limhi’s people: “…..went forth without arms to meet the Lamanites…” and “….when the Lamanites saw the people of Limhi, that they were without arms, they had compassion on them and were pacified towards them…..”(Mosiah 20:25, 26).

I thought about the principle of “without arms” with regard to relationships in general. We don’t come with the kind of arms that were meant in these verses e.g. shields, arrows, swords etc., but sometimes we come with other “arms” that have been acquired throughout our life experiences like: pride, mistrust, impatience, an unforgiving heart, defensiveness, lack of self-worth, selfishness, and use these, we think, to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

I have had experiences where I have had these kind of bad “arms”, and each time I’ve felt horrible, as the result has never been an increase in compassion and understanding, nothing good has been
strengthened or protected in me, but has only become weaker as a result. I have also had experiences where I have dropped the bad “arms” I have gained and found that that is where charity has been gained and I have come so much closer to my God, and where beautiful lasting friendships have been my prize.

When we choose to be open to hurt, we really open ourselves to an increase in joy, trusting that God will be pleased with our attempts to be more like the Saviour who never comes to us with “arms”, but gives us His all, suffering all pain, just in the 'hope' that we may choose happiness and a better way. If we get hurt for loving people -so what! - really, what is the worst that can happen, so we may get hurt from time to time, but the Savior will heal our hearts and we will love Him all the more for that, and we will be used to help so many more people to feel of God’s love for them because the Lord will know He can trust us, because we trust Him.